Isn’t It Funny


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Isn’t it funny how big corporations complain about their taxes in the USA are the highest in the world.  Even though their wages among  industrial countries are some of the lowest hummmmmmmmmmm. I wonder if their distaste for higher taxes is so they can give higher wages to their employees? “I’ll just say it, laugh out loud”.

An Afternoon Tea Birthday Party!

A super long post- don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Although Zoey’s birthday was two weeks ago, we just officially celebrate it this weekend. Her favorite aunt was out of town and we possibly couldn’t celebrate without her. Last year, we skipped a ‘real’ b-day celebration altogether because we were in the midst of moving into our new home. It was completely chaotic- I also started my dream job and found out I was pregnant with Mr. Axel around the same time.

Zoey has been looking forward to her birthday party for the last 2 months. She has a countdown calendar that she looks at everyday. It’s crazy what one year does to a child. Last year, I don’t think a birthday party would mean much to her. This year, she is so excited and sings happy birthday to herself frequently.

z8aI wanted to make this birthday a special one…

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Red Dok’s New Album


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It’s here! Here is the link for Red Dok’s new album All Mixed Up

This is how Red Dok describes this album:

All Mixed Up was written from three different perspectives.

The first one is Old School, New Hip Hop and R&B Dance.  If you like Prince and Nelly you will like this.

The second one is a political aspect with a dance groove funk inspired by some of the Old School Funk bands like Sly, Graham Central Station, James Brown and Funkadelics.

The Third one is a Faith based and deep human emotion for love understanding and loss.

If you have any concern of what’s happening in this world than you will hear were I am coming from with these tracks. Enjoy.

What Baby-boomers Want to Know


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After interviewing some baby-boomers and asking the question what’s on your mind, surprisingly several of them wanted to know the answers to the following.

  • What happened to The Cost of Living Raise or for that matter raises in general?
  • Why is taxes being taken out of Unemployment? It didn’t use to be.
  • Why don’t some people get it or just don’t want to acknowledge that companies are not the job creators and that the customers  are the job creators. Without customers buying there would not be any companies or businesses.
  • What makes employers think that paying minimum wage that they will have a high percentage of employees that really care about their jobs. If you can’t pay above minimum wage then you should not be in business.

What’s your thoughts?

You’ve Gotta Do What You’ve Gotta Do!


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Sorry I have not written a post lately. I have been a caregiver for my 1 year old grandson. Its been such a joy to bond with him. Thursdays to the library we go for story time and once during the week we have art class.  I can’t believe how creative I have been turning things into art just by recycling, paper towel rolls, old news paper, burned out light bulbs, old greeting card and much more. He turns 2 in January and I sure will miss the time we have shared during the week when he starts at a  Christian school with his 4 year old sister and 3 year old brother. I will always remember these moments.